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Many couples have had their plans and their dreams ruined by the Worldwide Pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. There have been restrictions on the wedding industry for a long time now, and peoples wedding plans have had to change. As a Celebrant, I have seen first hand the stress and heartache experienced by many. So we are here to help you ELOPE ON THE COAST in a Covid safe way!



Elope with just your immediate family, and two witnesses.

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Fill Out The Paperwork

Notice Of Intended Mariage

This is the form you need to have filled out.

This needs to be received by the Celebrant at least one calender month before your date.The drop off for the paperwork would be contactless.

Meet Up With Celebrant

Once you have paid your deposit , to book in your Celebrant, you will then need to meet.

This is a meeting where we check the papers and we talk to you about how your day will be, how your ceremony will be held. Social distancing would be observed at this meeting. Also masks would be worn by all.

The Wedding Ceremony

Your day has arrived!

All people involved would be aware of all the precautions, such as masks, and social distancing, and hand sanitisers. All aspects of your ceremony would have been pre arranged, to be safe.

Be Covid Safe
Get Married Now
 You just need each other

Forgetting all the traditional aspects of a wedding, it really comes down to the two of you. You can create a lovely day, a memorable day, and celebrate with just yourselves, and your two witnesses, and possibly a photographer. The end result is, you will be married!.

Your style, your way, no stress!

Elopements do not mean that your wedding ceremony is any less important, actually you are able to think on the very important things that you wish to. Your partner, your vows, your future life together. Eloping is the best way to get past the Covid restrictions, that do not allow for 100 or more guests to come together. Elope in a Covid safe way, and get it done.

The Wedding Day

Beautiful Location, beautiful couple, very excited witnesses, perfect day for an elopement. All Covid safe requirements can be met with little to no planning. Masks, hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes, social distancing. No need to wait any longer. Elope Now! Get married!i

Covid Safe

Let's not let this horrible pandemic stop you from achieving your goal of marriage. Just have a think about what you are really wanting, and take the plunge. Elope with minimal fuss and in a Covid safe way! Elope On The Central Coast NSW Australia. Beautiful!


Requirements According to Australian Law

  • Go to the Attorney General's Website and download a "Notice Of Intended Marriage" Form. (NOIM)
  • You will need to show the Celebrant Birth Certificates (or Passports)
  • You will need to show the Celebrant any Divorce papers or Death Certificates related to your last marriage, if applicable.
  • You will need to show the Celebrant your proof of Identification, such as Drivers License, or ID card.
  • You will need to have the NOIM filled out and witnessed, and then sent to or given to the Celebrant. (This would be contactless at this time)
  • You will need to have two witnesses, who are over 18, and understand English.
  • Once the NOIM is with the Celebrant, then your free to arrange a date after one calender month. 
  • If you get the NOIM to the Celebrant as soon as possible, then as soon as the state is open, not under restrictions, then you can proceed very quickly.
  • Also, if restrictions are lifted, and you then elope, there is a chance the state, or even the country, may go back into a lock down. So, be prepared!
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